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OS1st KS7+ Adjustable Knee Sleeve


Made for continuous support day or night, resting or running, the OS1st KS7+ Adjustable Knee Sleeve uses Compressive Zone Technology® to support and stabilize your knee.

Designed with ultra-soft nylon treated with silver-ion technology, this knee sleeve wicks away moisture and reduces odor, so you can wear it all day. It is thin and flexible enough to wear under everyday clothing without slipping.

The knee sleeve features an adjustable top band that keeps the sleeve in place. It is a longer knee sleeve to offer more coverage to taller users and has an easy-on fit.

Perfect for targeting the following conditions: arthritis, runner’s knee, iliotibial band syndrome, patellar tendonitis, swelling, knee pain, and more.

Get medical grade compression to reduce swelling, improve circulation and decrease pain with the OS1st KS6 Adjustable Knee Sleeve.

*While we at Fleet Feet aim to provide our customers with the best information possible, nothing beats the expertise of a medical professional. If you experience new or worsening pain, consult a doctor or physical therapist before taking any further action.

Package contains ONE sleeve.


Above Patella Circumference


11-12 inches


13-15 inches


16-18 inches


19-21 inches


22-24 inches

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