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Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme

 in style GREY

This transition wrap is perfect for protecting your car seats from water, sweat and mud. It is also a great way to change after a run or race.

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Protect your car seats from sweat, mud and water with the Orange Mud Transition Extreme.

This multi-purpose wrap has been upgraded from the standard Orange Mud Transition Wrap and is now waterproof. There is a TPU membrane in the middle of the microfiber towel, so no moisture will transfer onto your seats. The new wrap is also a bit stiffer than the standard wrap, which makes it an even better seat cover.

Perfect for protecting your seats from your post-swim practice kids or your muddy legs after a trail run, just zip the integrated hood pocket and slip it over the headrest.

Ever wanted to change after a race or sweaty run before you get home? The transition wrap makes it easy with an adjustable belt and secure clip that allows you to change quickly underneath the towel. It’s an ideal item to pack for Ragnar or other relay races. Plus, it comes in its own reusable storage bag.

The transition wrap also works as a towel, so you’ll never forget one again. The microfiber material is soft on your skin and if it gets wet, sweaty or muddy, you can just throw it in the washing machine. Plus, it is oversized for maximum protection at 30”x60”. This multipurpose Orange Mud Transition Wrap Extreme is a great gift for runners and a great addition to any runner’s toolkit.

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