OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

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The Oofos Ooriginal Sandal is unisex, but the sizes shown are men's sizes. Women's sandals run two sizes higher than the men's sizes shown. For example, if you want a women's size 8, you'd select size 6.

The Oofos Ooriginal Sandal is the recovery tool you need in your shoe closet.

Oofos carved its Ooriginal Sandal from revolutionary OOfoam technology that absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional footwear foams. The extra cushy foam reduces impact to your feet, knees and joints, so it’s perfect to slip on after a race or hard workout.

The minimalist construction is lightweight, and it’s machine washable. Plus, the foam is moisture- and bacteria-resistant for easy cleanup.

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Based on 43 Verified Reviews

Website said said 10. In reality 10 - 12

joe 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Website said said 10. In reality 10 - 12. They are too big for me. So hassle of returning.

Thank you

Meachell C 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Love the Oofos


Erica 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Awesome Very Comfortable Soothe the pain

I love my oofos

Angie H 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I hate when my feet are hot and I love t walk around barefoot. Well the only problem is I can’t because I have flat feet which doesn’t help me. So I been told by my doctor to keep some shoes on at all times while I’m walking. So I asked and he recommended OOFOS. Well I bought 3 pairs of sandals and I love them

Oofos love

Chatinna K 1 year ago Verified Purchase

This was my first pair. I e seen them advertised and decided to try. Unsure about the size or fit so I purchased a pair of the oofos origanal that was on sale for $60. I had a $15 off coupon. Like the fit. Went to an actual store to try on a pair and decided to exchange for the OH LaLa's for women. They are amazing and fit slightly better. I love them. I thought my Nike slides were comfortable. But these take the cake!

Sore feet

David L 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Just recently I order two pairs OOFOS Sandals I could not be happier. Lately I’ve been having problems with the heels of my feet very painful to walk. since I purchased sandals the pain has gone away. I would have to say it’s probably the best pair of flip-flops ever. had highly recommend them.

Plantar fasciitis

Charles S 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Love them best I’ve ever worn.


Donna A 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Absolutely LOVE them! So comfortable & my feet don’t hurt anymore when I’m up on them for long periods

Beyond comfortable as well as lightweight

Karl 2 years ago Verified Purchase

This is my second pair of the exact same flip flop. The last pair I wore until the tread was completely flat on the bottom but they were still extremely comfortable. I was excited to receive my new pair and will get years of use out of them

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