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Nathan Crossover 10L Hydration Pack


The Nathan Crossover 10L is a versatile bag that gives you all of the storage and hydration you need for anything from running and hiking to light travel and commuting.

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Whether you are biking, running an ultramarathon or spending a day hiking in the woods, the Nathan Crossover 10L Hydration Pack satisfies all of your storage and hydration needs.

This hydration vest is comfortable enough to wear for hours or days. It is made with moisture wicking stretch woven fabric, chafe-free binding materials and breathable mesh shoulder straps. It has adjustable sternum straps and a removable waist strap to give you a secure fit and prevent bouncing.

Carry everything you need for the day—this pack has ample pockets for storage and easy accessibility, including two 40-degree angled side pockets designed for cycling, one large zippered main storage pocket for carrying extra layers, two front strap pockets for your phone and other necessities, and a bungee system on the back for even more storage.

Stay hydrated during your workout with the 1.5L bladder. There is a magnetic hose clip, so that the hose does not get in the way of your workout.

Conveniently carry everything you need for your adventures with the Nathan Crossover 10L Hydration Pack.

Who It’s Best For

The Nathan Crossover 10L Hydration Pack is great for those who want one vest for running, cycling, hiking and more. It has a lot of storage and is designed for numerous activities.

Materials & Tech Specs

Material: 60% Nylon, 40% Polyester

Storage Capacity:610 cu in/10 Liters

Weight with Bladder: 14.5 oz / 411 g

Weight w/o Bladder: 9.8 oz / 278 g


Pack cleaning instructions: Hand wash cold with mild detergent. Line dry. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, iron or dry clean.

Bladder cleaning instructions: Unscrew cap, separate bladder and hose. Wash bladder with warm water and soap. Run warm soapy water through the hose. Rinse both until soapy residue is gone. Dry with top open.

Pro tip: Use balled up paper towels in your bladder to help it dry

Other cleaning tips:

Stains: Bladder staining is generally caused by food coloring used in liquids. This staining does not affect the functionality of the bladder, yet can be difficult to remove. We recommend using a chlorine free, non-toxic, and biodegradable tablet to combat stains and odors.

Plastic taste: Occasionally users may notice a plastic taste. To reduce, squeeze lemon juice into the reservoir, fill with water, and place in the freezer. After frozen, remove, thaw, and rinse.

Lubrication: Some users may need to occasionally lubricate the rubber O-ring on their connector to ensure a smooth connection and for leak prevention. If necessary, apply glycerin, silicone, or pure beeswax as lubricants. Avoid olive oil, coconut oil, cooking oils, etc. These types of oils cause the seal to swell and make it difficult for the system to be disengaged.

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