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Men's OOFOS OOmg Sport Shoe

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After a hard workout, you just want to step into something that feels luxurious and comfortable. Enter the OOFOS OOmg Sport Shoe.

You put your feet and body through a lot. To help you recover from your workout, this lightweight, closed-toe recovery shoe has a plush bed of foam that is ridiculously comfortable and helps reduce the stress on your ankles, knees and joints. A stretchy upper gives you plenty of flexibility, while the sporty look lets you wear them casually around town.

Perfect to wear in any season, give your feet a treat with the OOFOS OOmg Sport Shoe.

  • Upper - FibreFlex upper is a unique four-way stretch upper that gives you plenty of flexibility and stretch to accommodate bunions, hammertoes and more.
  • Midsole - OOfoam™ technology and the patented footbed absorb 37% more shock than other materials. The biomechanically designed footbed supports your arches and allows your feet to move naturally.

Tech Specs

OOFOS OOmg Sport Shoe






Road, indoors, grass

Who It’s Best For

This is a great recovery shoe for any runner or walker looking to give their tired feet comfort and relief. It is also great for people with plantar fasciitis to wear around the house or for those winter months when it is too cold or snowy to wear OOFOS sandals.

Why You’ll Love It

You will feel like you are walking on air in these recovery shoes, especially after a hard run. Plus, you can wear them year-round.


Machine washable, air dry.

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