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Star Rating is 4.1 / 5
25 Verified Reviews
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Stylish, lightweight and cushioned, the On Cloudsurfer gives you a smooth ride to roll through the miles.

This shoe is a complete reboot of the On Cloudsurfer. New CloudTec® Phase midsole technology gives you active cushioning that compresses and springs you forward. It collapses in a domino-like sequence to deliver cushion and a gentle heel-to-toe transition.

On uses a midsole that consists of a Helion™ Superfoam in an entirely new construction based on computer-optimized FEA engineering. Designers then eliminated the Speedboard® present in many of their other shoes to make the Cloudsurfer lighter, give you a more cushioned feel and reduce the chance of catching stones during your run.

Super lightweight, this shoe can be used for walking, running and speedwork. Plus, lightweight rubber pads on the outsole give you durable traction in all conditions.

The upper gives you a plush step-in feel with a breathable engineered mesh.

On continues their efforts to make their shoes more sustainable by eliminating plastic overlays, while 30% of the shoe is made from recycled materials and uses dope dye technology that saves significant water in the dying process.

Feel like you are running on clouds in the On Cloudsurfer.

Tech Specs

On Cloudsurfer


10 mm

Stack height

Heel: 32 mm / Forefoot: 22 mm


245 g (Men’s size 8.5), 205 g (Women’s 7.5)




Everyday trainer

What’s New

The On Cloudsurfer is a complete rehaul of the On Cloudsurfer. On designers eliminated the Speedboard® and, therefore, eliminated the stiffness and firmness of the On Cloudsurfer to make it much more cushioned. New CloudTec® Phase technology collapses each of the pods in a domino sequence to give you a super smooth transition from heel to toe. The Helion™ Superfoam has a new construction to give you extra comfort throughout the run. Plus, the upper is plush and comfortable from your step-in to when you take it off. All of these changes also make it lighter weight

Who It’s Best For

The On Cloudsurfer is a great neutral daily trainer. It gives you the cushion to go the distance, but it is lightweight enough to pick up the pace for speedwork. This shoe feels plush and comfortable on walks and runs.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the cushion and versatility of the On Cloudsurfer. It is a shoe that is lightweight enough for tempo runs, cushioned enough for long runs and stylish enough to wear out afterward.

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Star Rating is 4.1 / 5
Based on 25 Verified Reviews
Star Rating is 5 / 5

OC review

Mike 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Great arch support. Very soft to walk and run in. The shoes are also as light as a pair of running shoes can be.

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Great impact cushioning shoes

Rags 6 months ago Verified Purchase

The Cloudsurfers are very comfortable. These are the first shoes I have bought that are designed for a more cushioned feel when running and I have enjoyed it so far. I also like the color ways offered.

Star Rating is 1 / 5

AWFUL Squeaking sound

Vincent 6 months ago Verified Purchase

I bought these in May 2023. LOVED THEM. . and then August came along with only 200kms and NON-STOP squeaking! Squeaking when I walked squeaking when I ran squeaking in MY sleep. The most annoying thing ever. Searched the internet and SEVERAL posts about the squeaking sound that other runners have experienced. Followed several of the recommendations but to no avail. Wrote to On Customer Service apparently their solution. . baby powder. Yes a pair of $160 running shoes need baby powder!Again LOVED these shoes. . but with the non-stop squeaking. . the On Cloudsurfers are relegated to the back of my closet and eventually to thrift shop.

Star Rating is 3 / 5

Comfortable but You Can't Be Sneaky!

Loope 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Love these shoes but can't wear them due to the fact that they squeak pretty loudly with every step. Pros are that they really feel like a cloud they're extremely responsive and they propel you forward just enough. Con...that sqeak will drive you nuts. Overall if you can handle the sqeak I highly recommend them!

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Great Comfortable Sneakers

BarryR 7 months ago Verified Purchase

These On Cloudsurfer running shoes are very comfortable light and well cushioned. I hesitated purchasing these shoes due to the multiple complaints of the soles squeaking. I have approximately 60 miles on my Cloudsurfer and have not experienced any squeaking at all. I have several On shoes and these are by far the most cushioned. They fit well as advertised. I purchased the Black / Cobalt and they are very stylish love the color.

Star Rating is 2 / 5

Annoying squeaky sound

Adam 7 months ago Verified Purchase

These shoes started out amazing I truly felt as though I finally found the perfect shoe then out of nowhere they began squeaking with every step now they are so annoying I can’t wear them so it’s a 200 dollar waste of money

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Great service by Sam!

Brian 7 months ago Verified Purchase

Had a great experience being fitted for these shoes at Fleet Feet in Davenport with Sam! He took the time to show me the best inserts for my feet and assisted me in finding the ideal shoes!! Getting back into running has been like walking in the clouds!

Star Rating is 5 / 5

New On Clouds for Daddy

Tony 7 months ago Verified Purchase

Love the shoes and the customer service at the Lakeland Florida store

Star Rating is 4 / 5

Soft Step

Gene 8 months ago Verified Purchase

I think these are the most comfortable of all the On Cloud shoes.

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