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Mizuno Wave Rebellion

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Engineered for breaking PRs, Mizuno powered the Wave Rebellion with a glass fiber-reinforced plate and bouncy Enerzy Lite foam for snappy speed.

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4 out of 5 stars.
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Think you can’t go faster? Think again—the all-new men's Mizuno Wave Rebellion is here to propel you to a new PR.

Mizuno powered the Rebellion with a unique glass-fiber-reinforced plate and lightweight midsole foam for a new type of ride from a Mizuno running shoe. Like other running shoes with carbon-fiber plates, the Rebellion’s plate makes the shoe stiffer and snappier than its non-plated counterparts, which saves more energy with each step you take.

Designers then layered on a midsole foam called Mizuno Enerzy Lite. The top-tier, featherweight foam composition gives you comfortable cushioning for long workouts on pavement, but its lightweight feel won’t hold you back from breaking your own records.

Fleet Feet runners love the bouncy response of the Enerzy Lite foam. Paired with the stiffness of the reinforced plate, Mizuno primed the Rebellion for speed.

Beneath the shoe, engineers created a one-of-a-kind outsole to improve durability and give you excellent traction on the road. Designers studded the outsole with grippy lugs that serve two purposes:

  • Give you the confident footing you need when you hit top speed
  • Maintain the Rebellion’s lightweight ride by minimizing the amount of rubber needed

On top, you’ll find a breezy engineered mesh upper and a well-structured heel cup. The one-piece mesh upper breathes easily and fits securely, while the heel counter locks your foot into place so you don’t have to think about anything but your effort.

With premium technology and a lightweight construction, the all-new men's Mizuno Wave Rebellion will give you an edge on big training days, race day or any day in between.

Tech specs

Mizuno Wave Rebellion


6.3 oz (W), 7.9 oz (M)


8 mm


Neutral, plated


Fast training, racing


Road, track

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Made for speed, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion uses a glass fiber reinforced plate in the midsole that makes this speed day running shoe snappy and responsive.

Watch Caroline review Mizuno’s newest plated running shoe that comes alive during tempo runs and faster efforts.

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4 out of 5 stars.

4/5 on 1 total reviews

Rick Verified Buyer
4 out of 5 stars.
Impressive but needs some tweaks

I was very excited to find out that Mizuno is finally making a light weight racing shoe to compete with Saucony, Nike, and others. I have been wearing Mizuno running shoes for well over 15 years ever since I discovered the Wave Rider at Dick's Sporting Goods. Come to find out the reason they fit so well is that they traditionally have a narrow heal and wide toe box. It was not until I had my feet measured with Fleet Feet's 3D scanner that I realized that matches my feet perfectly. About 6 years back I would complete my long runs and races over 10 miles in the Wave Enigma which Mizuno discontinued when they came out with the Wave Sky. I ran over 5,000 miles in Wave Sky versions 1, 2, and 3. I finally came to the realization that Mizuno had departed from their racing heritage and sold out to the athleisure trend by removing the wave Plate from the Wave Sky version 3. Fortunately I had stocked up on the Wave Sky version 2 but I am on my last pair. I put almost 2,000 miles on the previous pair because there was no alternative. Now there is an alternative. I have a little less that 100 miles, including a 10 mile race where I recorded a PR, on my new Mizuno Wave Rebellion racing shoes. These shoes are definitely faster than anything I have run in before. There are some issues though. The heal does not fit as snug as my other Mizuno Wave shoes. I laced them up with the runners loop (which I have never had to use before) and they were a little better but then the upper collar of the shoe wore on my lateral malleolus (ankle bone) to point where it was bleeding. Mizuno you need to make the heel narrower and the collar lower. Additionally the tongue does not have a loop (tongue lock) for the laces to go through and keep the tongue in place. The tongue on both shoes worked their way down under the laces during my 10 mile race. The tongue bunched up and was a little uncomfortable by the end of the race. I'll be running my first marathon in these shoes this coming weekend. I'll update my post after that.

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