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Mizuno 1776 Wave Rider


With a soft and smooth ride, the Mizuno 1776 Wave Rider keeps you running straight through the summer.

Mizuno packed the Fourth-of-July themed running shoe with its Enerzy Lite midsole foam. The lightweight cushioning creates soft landings but bouncy takeoffs to keep you cruising through the summer.

An engineered mesh upper delivers breathable performance during your warm-weather runs, while eco-friendly materials give you a lighter footprint.

Protected by a durable X10 rubber outsole, the Mizuno 1776 Wave Rider is a reliable training partner for every run.

Tech specs

Mizuno 1776 Wave Rider




Mizuno Enerzy


Mizuno Wave Plate


Everyday training


Limited edition

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Todd Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Great Shoes Great Service

I couldn’t be happier with my Wave Riders. They’re light and supportive and really comfortable. Due to the weather I haven’t had much of a chance to run in them but they’re Wave Riders so I know what to expect. Theses shoes were hard to find, especially in my size but Fleet Feet had them and go them to me quickly.

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