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Men's | KARHU Fast 7

Men's Neutral Running Shoes (Click to see Women's Version)

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The Fast 7 MRE -- standing for Maximum Rolling Effect -- features a full-length Fulcrum lever to propel the runner forward. The wide landing platform ensures balanced cushioning for a comfortable everyday neutral training shoe. The forefoot features a soft midsole underneath the toes and a blown rubber outsole for a smooth transition at push off phase. The forefoot mesh allows for breathability with minimal overlays that won’t obstruct natural toe-off within the shoe.

The Karhu Fulcrum Technology is designed to keep all forces going forward, reducing the braking forces and using your body’s natural energy to create a smoother ride. It’s what we call the Rolling Effect.

Weighing in at 320g / 11.2 oz. and with a heel to forefoot offset of 35mm / 25mm, this everyday training model achieves comfort and cushioning simultaneously to deliver a highly efficient rolling effect for all pursuits.

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