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Men's Jackrabbit 7" Pacesetter Run Short

 in style BLACK


Find your new favorite running shorts with the Jackrabbit 7” Pacesetter Run Short. These shorts are the perfect shorts to crush your next workout. They are made of sweat wicking material that mops up moisture and dries quickly.

With two side pockets, plus a back zippered pocket, you can carry gels or other essentials securely during your run. Run your best in the Jackrabbit 7” Pacesetter Run Shorts.

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Seams Burn Me Up Everywhere

RustBeltRedNeck 1 year ago Verified Purchase

What good are running shorts if they take the skin off your legs and crotch everytime you use them? The seams on these are bottom of the barrel in placement(where they rest on the body) and in comfort. Very abrasive seems. Cotton tightly-whiteys chafe less.