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Men's HOKA Clifton 9

 in style BLACK / WHITE

More cushion and bounce for every step in the lightweight HOKA Clifton 9.

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The men's HOKA Clifton 9 has the cushion and comfort you crave for long runs, long walks and long hours spent on your feet—all in a sleek and lightweight package.

Confident running starts with finding a shoe with the right balance of support, comfort and performance. The Clifton 9’s unrivaled cushioning and soft step-in feel make it easy to get excited about lacing up your shoes and going for a run.

A tall stack of plush, compression-molded EVA foam turns hard surfaces like concrete and pavement into clouds, while HOKA’s signature early-stage Meta Rocker gives you a smooth and effortless stride.

The Clifton 9’s roomy toe box and padded upper hug your feet in a friendly embrace that will keep you comfortable all-day whether you’re running, walking or working. Plus, the flared heel collar won’t rub or chafe and it comes in multiple widths, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit.

With a comfortable fit right out of the box and responsive cushioning that makes running feel easy, it’s no wonder why so many runners say the Clifton is one of the best running shoes they’ve ever worn.

So grab your pair of HOKA Clifton 9’s and say hello to your new daily running shoe.

Watch Caroline in our HOKA Clifton 9 review to learn more.

Tech Specs

HOKA Clifton 9


5 mm


7.3 oz (W), 8.7 oz (M)

Stack Height

Heel: 29 mm / forefoot: 24 mm (W),

Heel: 32 mm / forefoot: 27 mm (M)




Everyday training

What’s New

HOKA made the Clifton 9 faster and lighter to give you the best run possible. The HOKA Clifton 9 now has 3 mm more cushion, yet around the same weight, thanks to its responsive new foam and improved outsole design. HOKA made the heel more cushioned, added a reflective heel panel to help you stay visible and streamlined the tongue for more comfort. The new upper provides a bit more structure and breathes more and they redesigned the heel for a better lockdown fit.

Who It’s Best For

The HOKA Clifton 9 is a great daily trainer for beginners and more experienced runners alike. It is comfortable and bouncy whether you are walking, doing an easy run or standing all day. It is also light enough to pick up the pace for speedwork and tempo runs, so it's a great do-it-all shoe.

Why You’ll Love It

The HOKA Clifton 9 is a legend for a reason—you will love the Clifton’s lightweight, cushioned and bouncy ride and its versatility from walking to running sprints. It's one of the best running shoes for a reason.

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Hear From an Outfitter

“The HOKA Clifton 9 is a very light weight shoe. I enjoy the cushion—it's very plush.”

Sharanda R.
Store Manager

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Based on 214 Verified Reviews

Dont rush with buying

ken 3 months ago Verified Purchase

Very nice sales persons.Kinda felt rushed as it was on a saturday morning.Store did not have but about 3 pair of wide shoes to pick from.And all were black!


Gary 3 months ago Verified Purchase

Super comfortable. Well made. All black so don't show the dirt.


Jr G 3 months ago Verified Purchase

320 lbs on concrete 12 hrs a day they are the best shoes I've put on my feet.

Helped me run again

ChemMasta G 3 months ago Verified Purchase

I ran in Nike Pegasus for 25+ years until old injuries to my foot resurfaced and I had to quit running for a couple of years. The only shoes that have allowed me to run again are Hoka Cliftons. The cushioning and tread wear are excellent. I’ll be wearing them even after I stop running if that ever happens again

Great on trails and roads

mar 3 months ago Verified Purchase

I bought this shoe once in 9th grade and again this year in 10th. Both years I have run over 500 miles on them and they are extremely durable. I ran on trails and roads and they held up nice. Once you get about 75-100 miles on them the foam started to flatten so it was harder to run on the roads but running on trails is nice. I run about 8 miles a day and they don't give me blisters or pains. They last about 400-450 miles depending on how fast you run and how your foot lands. If you heel strike possibly closer to 400 miles but if you land midfoot you could get upwards of 450 miles. I'm growing out of these ones but they could still last another hundred or so miles. I recommend this for runners of all abilities.

Great shoes.

Shortie44 4 months ago Verified Purchase

My husband loves them. He needs shoes that are soft inside.

A good iteration of the Clifton series

N.R. 4 months ago Verified Purchase

I like these more than the Clifton 8's but I don't know why.

Hoka Running Shoes

Terry 4 months ago Verified Purchase

So happy I went to Fleet Feet in Poughkeepsie amazing staff and assistance. They helped me find the Hoka Clifton 9 shoes and they have been incredible! Tremendous cushioning and stability!

An Outstanding Shoe

bugsman 4 months ago Verified Purchase

These were a gift for my grandson. He loves them. He wanted them for work because he is on his feet mostly. Said on the first day he wore them they were supremely comfortable and his feet did feel tired.

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