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Men's Craft CTM Ultra 3

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The Craft CTM Ultra 3 is lightweight, fast and ready to rack up the miles, making it one of the best long distance running shoes.

CTM stands for Craft Tailored Motion, which means that the Ultra 3 uses Craft’s most advanced technologies and materials for the most demanding runners. This premium, technical running shoe features Craft’s Ud Foam™ which is lightweight and durable. It will give you ultra-high rebound and propulsion from a short run to an ultra-marathon.

Built for speed and durability, this shoe makes running for miles or days feel effortless.

Snug in the heel and midfoot with additional room in the forefoot, the CTM Ultra 3 locks you in and is comfortable for the long haul. The one-piece engineered mesh upper is lightweight and breathable to keep you running.

The three-piece lugged traction outsole makes it so that you can run on the road or light trail surfaces in varying climate conditions. So whether you are looking for a shoe with a bit more grip for the snowy winter or have an ultramarathon that includes both road and trail, this shoe covers all-terrain.

When speed and durability are your top priorities, look no further than the Craft CTM Ultra 3.

Tech Specs

Craft CTM Ultra 3


10 mm

Stack Height

Heel: 40 mm / Forefoot: 30 mm


9.3 oz (Men’s size 9)




Road running, light trail running, everyday training

What’s New

The biggest changes made to the Craft CTM Ultra 3 were in the upper. Designers at Craft slightly reduced the volume to provide a more secure fit, added TPU overlays on the toe for durability and protection, updated the mesh for improved breathability and changed the lacing system to an asymmetrical one to relieve pressure on the top of the foot.

Who It’s Best For

The Craft CTM Ultra 3 is a technical shoe that’s best for runners looking for a neutral shoe that is durable and fast. Made for ultra-marathons, this shoe can handle fast speeds over long distances.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how effortless running feels for miles upon miles in the Craft CTM Ultra 3.

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