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Men's Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel


Bring the speed with the Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel.

This high-quality running shoe was developed with ultra-distance runner Tommy Rivs to handle speed over long distances. The extremely light and responsive UD Foam Pro™ midsole material surrounds a carbon fiber plate to give you the most efficient run possible.

The minimal upper keeps this shoe sleek and fast while its one-piece design provides comfort and keeps the weight down. Plus, the ultralight and ultra-thin rubber outsole is optimal for fast and efficient running on the roads with advanced precision, flexibility and responsiveness.

The Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel will help you set a PR on race day.

Tech Specs

Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel



Stack Height

Heel 35mm / Forefoot 25mm (M)

Heel 33mm / Forefoot 23mm (W)


7.7oz (M), 6.2oz (W)


Neutral, Carbon-Plated


Road Racing

Who It’s Best For

The Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel was designed for ultra-distance road racing that can help you shave seconds or minutes off your best time.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how fast you can run over long distances in the Craft CTM Carbon Race Rebel. It is lightweight, responsive and efficient.

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