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Men's CEP Run Socks 3.0

 in style WHITE / DARK GREY


[Looking for the latest version? The men's CEP The Run Compression Tall Sock 4.0 is available now.]

The best socks just got better. These tall socks for men provide optimum recovery and performance thanks to medi true compression. With a new design that takes advantage of high-tech yarns, new HEIQ clima management, and a more natural fitting toe box, CEP's compression socks help you recover faster while reducing swelling and muscle strain. The ideal socks for runners, fitness enthusiasts, and endurance athletes.

See the second image above in each color for sizing information.


Mid/Low-Cut Socks

Sock Size SM (Size II) M (Size III) L (Size IV) XL (Size V)
W Shoe Size US 4.5-6.5 US 7-9 US 9+ --
M Shoe Size -- US 6.5- 9.5 US 10-12.5 US 13+

Tall Socks/Calf Socks

Width (in) 9.5-12 in 12.5-15 in 15.5-17.5 in 18-20 in.
Size (W) Size II Size III Size IV --
Size (M) -- Size III Size IV Size V

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Men's | CEP Run Socks 3.0

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