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Men's CEP Commuter Sock

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The CEP Commuter is the everyday compression sock for when you’re on the go.

CEP’s performance line of compression sleeves, socks and apparel help improve blood circulation during exercise and reduce muscle soreness after you work out. But wearing compression all day can be uncomfortable, so CEP designed the commuter.

The light, medical-grade compression of the Commuter promotes circulation and improves oxygen supply to muscles but can be worn comfortably all day. Plus, it’s made of breathable cotton for a soft feel.

CEP made the Commuter sock to improve your travels, whether your on a cross-country flight or cross-town lunch meeting.

Sizing: Measure your calf circumference at the widest point.


Calf Circumference (inches)


9.5 - 12


12.5 - 15


15.5 - 17.5


18 - 20

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