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We no longer carry this product.

Men's | ASICS Metaride

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ASICS designed the men's Metaride to make each stride more efficient. That goal begins with the shoe’s unique shape.

The Metaride has a noticeable rocker shape in the transition from midfoot to forefoot, which promotes the efficient step you’re looking for. A study footbed reinforces the rocker to shift your center of mass to the rear foot, which saves more energy by helping you quickly swing your leg through each step.

Underneath, ASICS uses a 3D Guidance Line to deliver smoother heel-to-toe transitions, and designers packed it with FLYTEFOAM cushion and GEL technology to ease the repeated impacts of running.

Capped with a knit upper for breathable performance, the ASICS Metaride will take you farther, faster.

Tech specs

Price: $250

Weight: 10.7 oz (men’s), 8.9 oz (women’s)

Drop: 0 mm

Use: Everyday trainer, long runs

Surface: Road, track