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Men's Altra Rivera

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[Looking for the latest version? The men's Altra Rivera 2 is available now.]

Delivering the signature Altra fit with a sleeker look, the men's Altra Rivera is an easy-riding everyday trainer that fits your style.

Altra built the Rivera around its FootShape toe box. Designers shaped the toe box to more closely mimic the real shape of a human foot, which gives you more space in the forefoot to let your toes sit and splay naturally.

A proven EGO midsole powers the Rivera. Altra’s EGO foam composition gives you soft landings on pavement, but it provides an energizing response for a lively ride.

In the Altra Rivera review, Fleet Feet runners praised the shoe’s modern aesthetic and sense of ground feel on the run.

Like all Altra running shoes, designers built the Rivera on top of Altra’s zero-drop Balanced Cushioning platform. The drop measures the difference in height between the heel and forefoot; the Rivera is the same height from heel to toe, which puts you in a more natural stance.

The new men's Altra Rivera maintains the fit and feel you expect with a sleek new look and snugger fit than other models in the lineup.

Tech specs

Altra Rivera


6.9 oz (W), 9.1 oz (M)


0 mm

Stack height

26 mm




Road, track


Everyday training

What’s New

Altra designed the Rivera from the ground up. Built around Altra’s signature FootShape toe box, the Rivera maintains the same natural feel with a snugger fit and sleeker look.

Who It’s Best For

The Rivera is a neutral running shoe, so it’s best for runners who don’t overpronate. The zero-drop platform might take some a few miles to get used to, but it remains approachable for new runners.

Why You’ll Love It

Altra’s unique shape and proven EGO midsole make the Rivera comfortable and versatile. The toe box more closely resembles the shape of a real foot, and EGO foam is cushioned and responsive for any run.

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