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Altra Paradigm 5.0


[Looking for the latest version? The men's Altra Paradigm 6.0 is now available.]

Get maximum cushion and comfort in the men's Altra Paradigm 5.0.

Designers packed the Paradigm 5.0 with a big bed of cushy Altra EGO foam. The EGO midsole delivers a soft underfoot feel with a springy response, making it perfect for keeping your muscles fresh as the miles add up.

Altra’s GuideRail technology adds dynamic support to the medial side of the shoe, and the Stabilipod feature helps prevent excessive foot collapse and pronation by supporting the three natural stability zones of your foot: one on each side of your foot just behind the toes and another at the heel.

With Altra’s signature FootShape toe box design that lets your big toe remain straight in the shoe, the men's Altra Paradigm 5.0 maxes out every feature to give you a premium experience.

Tech specs

Altra Paradigm 5.0


0 mm


Stability, max cushion


Everyday training



Reviews (2)

5 out of 5 stars.

5/5 on 2 total reviews

Eva Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Best shoe purchase

Excellent shoe! Great cushion and totally comfortable. Provides great support as well. The foot shape toe box design is roomy and allows your toes to move freely. Best walking/running shoe out there!

Leo Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Altra Paradigm 5

Great shoes. After loving my 4 pairs of Paradigm 4.5 shoes purchased in the last 14 months, I find my first pair of Paradigm 5’s even better. The key difference to me is the more cushioned tongue. These are great super-cushioned shoes that I use for walking 3.5 miles six days of the week. The 4.5’s cured my painful right foot bunionette, and the model 5 feels great.

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