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Men's AltraFWD Experience

 in style GRAY / BLUE

The AltraFWD Experience has Altra's same great FootShape™ toe box with 4 mm drop for a smooth and effortless ride.

Standard Width (D)
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Run more and effort less in the men's AltraFWD Experience—Altra’s first running shoe with a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop.

For runners and walkers nervous about trying one of Altra’s zero-drop shoes that have Balanced Cushioning™ in the heel and forefoot, the Experience is a great way to transition to a lower-drop shoe. The shoe’s 4 mm drop, rocker shape geometry and lightweight cushioning give you a performance-focused ride that makes daily running feel smooth and easy.

Plus, the sleek mesh upper wraps your foot for all-around comfort, while Altra’s Standard FootShape™ Fit toe box lets your toes relax and spread out naturally.


  • Midsole: Lightweight, compression-molded EVA foam with a 4 mm drop and rocker shape geometry that gives you an effortless ride
  • Upper: Engineered mesh upper with Altra’s Standard FootShape™ Fit

Tech Specs

AltraFWD Experience


4 mm


7.1 oz (W), 8.5 oz (M)




Everyday Training


Road, track

What’s New

The AltraFWD Experience is Altra’s first non-zero drop running shoe. It has a 4 mm heel/toe drop and a rocker shape geometry that gives you energetic toe-offs and a performance-focused ride.

Who It’s Best For

If you’ve been curious to try an Altra running shoe, but are wary of going to a 0 mm drop, then the AltraFWD Experience is for you. Thanks to its 4 mm heel-to-toe drop, this neutral running shoe is a great option for runners and walkers looking to transition into a low-drop shoe.

Why You’ll Love It

Altra-fans and new runners alike will love the smooth ride of the AltraFWD Experience. You’ll love this shoe’s roomy FootShape™ toe box and 4 mm heel/toe drop that lets your toes relax and makes your stride feel effortless.

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Based on 13 Verified Reviews

Perfect fit

Teamheehaw 3 months ago Verified Purchase

I've put 10 miles on these. Amazing fit very comfortable. These dont hurt my knees like others have. Great look. Light. Functionality is flawless.

Don't Change My Shoe!

Mo 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Comfortable supportive fit for Grouo Exercise cardio & strength workouts. Built for wide feet and stable movements.

Feels fast but will it last?

Tim A 5 months ago Verified Purchase

The toe box seems narrower than previous Altra models I've run in. The drop takes a bit of getting used to but it feels like my push off is easier. Feels like a fast ride. Altras seem to show sole wear sooner than other brands I've used. This model also is also showing wear very soon. I love the feel of the shoe bust wish they were a bit more durable.

Light flexible slightly bouncy & rockin' goodness!

Doodlemush 5 months ago Verified Purchase

The toe box is awesome if you like a roomier fit and the heel is a snug-huggy. The shoe is light and very responsive. Even though it's not as cushy as say Hoka; it's still a pretty cush ride. I really like them and depending on how well the tread wears this will become my alt shoe for jogging; the other being Hoka's Bondi. Both are fabulous shoes and I like the idea of rotating between Hoka's heavier cushier ride and Altra's lighter smoother one. Think Buick LeSabre vs Chevy Caprice (late 70's models of course). Cheers and happy running y'all! : )

Best fit for wide feet.

Moose 6 months ago Verified Purchase

I love it. It fits great and is super comfortable.

Great for wide feet! Super comfortable

James H 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Great for wide feet! I bought these after trying Hoka’s and Brooks and not liking them very much. These are super comfortable and are great to run in and have a lot of support.

Lacks traction

Aaron 6 months ago Verified Purchase

No traction on normal asphalt path that is damp. Slips on every push. Does not seem like they tested before releasing this new shoe. Fine on dry . Can’t coun’t on race day being dry.

Great new Altra!

Toolman303 7 months ago Verified Purchase

Comfortable lightweight and feels really good on the run! Great addition by Altra!