Altra Escalante 3

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Star Rating is 4.1 / 5
7 Verified Reviews
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Get ready to run in the Altra Escalante 3.

The much anticipated update to this lightweight running shoe, the Altra Escalante 3 delivers with a bouncy, fun ride. The Escalante 3 has an Altra EGO™ midsole for a responsive, yet soft run. It sports Altra’s signature Balanced Cushioning where the stack height of the forefoot and heel are the same—also called zero-drop—for a smooth, natural running stride.

Altra redefined the shape of the shoe a bit, widening it in the midfoot to make it feel a bit more stable. This increases the versatility of the shoe and allows it to be used for running and the occasional gym workout. The Escalante 3 is built on Altra’s original last with its signature FootShaped toe box, making it the widest and most roomy Altra option.

The sock-like upper of the Escalante 3 conforms to your foot, giving you a ton of comfort and breathability. Altra tweaked this upper to provide the best fit possible, giving it a more padded tongue, adding the extra eyelet for heel-lock lacing technique and making it more secure in the midfoot.

The outsole has a bit more rubber on the bottom to increase the durability and make it work in the gym, too. The Altra Escalante 3 provides a smooth, bouncy ride for those long runs, but is lightweight enough to pick up the pace for your tempo runs and speedwork.

Tech Specs

Altra Escalante 3




7.7oz (W), 9.3oz (M)




Everyday Training


Road, Track

What’s New

The Altra Escalante 3 gets an update to the sock-like upper to make it more comfortable and breathable. Designers added an extra lacing eyelet so you can get a locked down feel and padded the tongue for a more comfortable fit. They redefined the shape and outsole of the shoe to give it more versatility.

Who It’s Best For

The Altra Escalante 3 is a great shoe for people who want one running shoe to do everything. It is lightweight enough to pick up the pace, but comfortable and durable enough for those long runs. The changes made to the shoe also make it great for all day wearability or some gym work. It also works best for those who love Altra’s signature FootShape toe box and zero heel to toe drop.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the sock-like fit of the Altra Escalante 3 and how it makes you feel as though you aren’t wearing shoes. The responsive, cushioned foam is versatile and feels great whether you are running for miles or just wearing it around town.

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Star Rating is 4.1 / 5
Based on 7 Verified Reviews
Star Rating is 5 / 5

Rethinking shoe design

Karl W 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Recently I decided to move to zero drop shoes and find that the Escalante is just the right amount of cushion; I can feel the ground without pounding the pavement but what has me loving them is the larger toe box. I don't think I can go back to the confinement of a regular shoe. Altra Escalante 3 are light and comfortable zero drop runners with just enough cushion for the pavement and a toe box that will make you rethink shoe design and question why your toes have been imprisoned all these years.

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Wide toe box and zero drop a must!

T 8 months ago Verified Purchase

I have bunion issues and even with a wide toe box I have to wear the men’s version instead of the female. These are so comfortable and have easily become my favorite running shoe.

Star Rating is 4 / 5

Great shoes but the laces are too short

Kevin 8 months ago Verified Purchase

Great shoes shoe laces are too short. The laces changed from a rounded lace to a flat lace and the wide foot that I have does not allow for much left to properly lace and secure the shoe.

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Not quite the Viho

Atom C 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I bought some Vihos on sale as my introduction to Altra and love how they feel. Sort of like walking on an inch of latex kind of bouncy and yet really flexible. I'm not really a runner I walk about 3 miles a day and the Viho was great and held up well. I asked Altra what they would recommend to replace the Viho that they stopped making and they recommended these. The uppers are softer and don't seem to have the tongue problem that the Viho had that could kind of dig into your foot. They also seem to have a low volume at the base of the tongue it is snug over my foot there which I like actually. Only 20 or 30 miles on these but the tread seems to be holding up well so far. I'd say they are a decent replacement for the Viho.

Star Rating is 4 / 5

Like old friends

Chris R 1 year ago Verified Purchase

These are at least my 6th pair of Altra Escalante and even though the first 3.0 pair they feel like old friends. The tie box has narrowed slightly but nothing that bothers me too much (if the toe box had stayed the same it would have gotten an 5-stat rating) and the new lace arrangement fills good. Overall great running shoes with zero heel-to-toe drop.