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Nike Metcon 4


While you’re lying on the ground in a puddle of sweat, sucking wind like you just outran a cheetah, your shoes will be there staring up at you, waiting for the next set.

Like the Metcon 3, Nike designed the Metcon 4 to stand up to the abuse of your hardest workouts: A low heel keeps you grounded on explosive lifts, and a thin layer of rubber rides up the sides of the shoe to resist the abrasion of rope climbs. The dual-density midsole from Nike keeps your heel firm for stability but lets your forefoot flex so you can run and cut without feeling like you’re strapped to a pair of two-by-fours.

So, after you catch your breath, the Metcon 4 will be waiting eagerly for your next WOD — though it won’t help you mop up that sweat puddle.