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Koala Clip Lux

 in style DARING BLACK


Whether you run, bike, or hit the gym to stay fit, taking your phone with you shouldn't be an obstacle.

✔ Sweat, water, rain resistant inner layer and athletic performance material outer layer to wick sweat.

✔ Zipper closure to secure items inside the pouch.

✔ Magnetic clip secures pocket to sports bra straps.

✔ Slips under tanks, tees, long sleeves and jackets.

✔ Works on waistband as well.

✔ Insulates phone in cold weather to prevent battery drainage

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Based on 5 Verified Reviews

Great way to carry phone.

Mary 3 years ago Verified Purchase

I love to use this when I want to carry my phone running. It just clips on the back of my sports bra and stays in my place the whole time. Make sure you place it in a spot that is easily reachable in case you need to get to your phone fast.

Koala Clip Lux

Valorie 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Today is the first time I've used the clip and I absolutely love it!! Went for a bike ride and forgot it was even there! Great product great quality! Much better protection for my iphone than if I had it on the bike! Thank you for your innovation!


Wendy 3 years ago Verified Purchase

works well for what I needed it for. I have not used it to run but its the perfect pocket for when you need one!


Heather S 3 years ago Verified Purchase

I have so many blisters/marks on my arms from arm bands sliding so when I heard about the Koala Clip I was intrigued. I absolutely LOVE it. You hardly feel it and my phone stays dry. This is hands down the best running gear purchase I've ever made.

Koala clip

CHRISTAL 3 years ago Verified Purchase

So far I am really enjoying my Koala clip. Glad I mad the purchase