Honey Stinger Hydration

Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Mix - Single

Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Mix - Single in style PREPARE -- STRAWBERRY LEMONADE


Nutrition and hydration are something runners often overlook. Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Mix makes it easy and delicious to prepare, perform and recover, so you’ll feel at your best no matter what time of day it is.

Just mix a single packet into your favorite water bottle and drink before, during and after exercise to feel the honey-powered difference. Plus, each flavor is non-GMO, dairy-free and gluten-free.

To meet the changing needs of your body throughout the day, Honey Stinger’s Prepare, Perform and Recover™ formulas are each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Prepare Formula (Strawberry Lemonade Flavor)

    Drink the Prepare mix first thing in the morning or one hour before activity to help replenish fluid loss, optimize your hydration and support brain function, mental focus and cognitive health.
    1:3 sodium to potassium ratio
    Supports brain function, mental focus and cognitive health with benefits from citicoline and L-Theanine

Perform Formula (Black Cherry & Mango Melon + Caffeine Flavors)

    Drink the Perform mix during your workout to maintain your energy and sodium levels. The Perform formula helps absorb carbohydrates to give you an energy boost, supports mental focus, and replace electrolytes lost during a workout.
    3:1 sodium to potassium ratio.
    Supports mental focus with benefits of L-Theanine
    Mango Melon only: Sustains energy with the benefits of guayasa and without the jitters of caffeine.

Recover Formula (Berry Defense Flavor)

    Drink the Recover mix within one hour of finishing your workout to replenish electrolytes lost and give your immune system a boost.
    Supports the immune system with the benefits of zinc, elderberry, and vitamins C and D
    1:3 sodium to potassium ratio

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