goodr Running Sunglasses


Running shades can be expensive. Goodr Running Sunglasses only look like they are.

Polarized lenses protect your peepers from harmful UV-rays while a no-slip coating will keep ‘em stuck to your sweaty brow like bubblegum on your shoe. Plus, they're only $25, so you can stock up.

Whether you're streaming gallantly in a pair of Betsy Ross' Side Hustles or knocking back a few miles in the Flamingos on a Booze Cruise, you know goodr shades will block out glare as well as they block out the haters.

Some call them running sunglasses. We call them essential.

Too small for your basketball-sized head? Check out goodr BFG running sunglasses.

Tech specs

NO SLIP. goodr sunglasses use a special grip coating to construct the frame, which helps eliminate slippage when you're dripping.

NO BOUNCE. The frame is snug and lightweight for a comfortable fit that prevents bouncing while running.

POLARIZED LENSES. Lenses offer UV400 protection that blocks 100 percent of those harmful UVA and UVB rays. They also feature glare-­reducing, polarized lenses because you deserve the best.

GREAT PRICE. A reasonable price that won’t bankrupt you if you happen to sit on them or leave them at a bar.

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