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goodr OG Holiday Sunglasses



The original goodr running sunglasses, now decked for the holidays.

The OG Holiday Sunglasses take the same frame and silhouette of the originals but coats them in holiday colors and patterns. Form the red-and-white Happy Festivus ‘Ya Filthy Animals to the Hanukkah Matata: It Means All Kosher, the Holiday Sunglasses put you in the seasonal spirit.

But make no mistake: They’re still classic goodr. Polarized lenses, no-slip grip and feathery weight all come standard in the goodr OG Holiday Sunglasses.

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Had to have!

Many S 4 months ago Verified Purchase

I love goodr ! I have about 12 pairs I already have too Christmas pairs but I couldn’t resist this pair. So cute!

Great sunglasses

Chilling 5 months ago Verified Purchase

These sunglasses are comfortable to wear! I own 3.

Warped lenses

Vicki J 2 years ago Verified Purchase

The frames are super cute but the lenses are distorted causing the road to look wavy. I returned one pair and the second had the exact same issue. I wish that I could wear them on my face and not as a cute headband but they make me constantly feel like I am going to trip.

Fast Shipping

Glenna A 2 years ago Verified Purchase

The website had exactly what I was looking for and it shipped immediately! I am very pleased with my purchase.

Distorted lenses

Vicki 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I have tried two pairs of these glasses and had the same problem both times. Especially when looking down there is a wavy effect making the ground look bumpy and not flat. I’ve never had this happen with Goodr glasses before and I have many. I gave it a 2 though because the frames are so cute.

Goodr Santa Isn't Real Sunglasses Review

Alex R 2 years ago Verified Purchase

Very good quality for the price love these stylish sunglasses. Brightens the holiday mood!

For everything In Life

Anthony 2 years ago Verified Purchase

These are the best sunglasses I have ever owned. They are snug and don't slip around when I bike or run. They are cheap enough that I feel no shame in putting them in my pocket when not wearing them. As for Fleet Feet hands down the best experience. They shipped super fast and when I had questions about my order they answered them the same day and were professional and kind.

Great sunglasses!!

Roberta H 2 years ago Verified Purchase

These sunglasses are so fun!! The quality is excellent and they are very comfortable! I brought them on my trip to visit my kids in NYC- my son loved them so much that I left them there for him. Someday I will have to buy some more! Thanks for a great product!

Amazing shoes able to run

Melissa 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Amazing shoes able to run my 10 miles everyday:grin:No more pain!

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