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Whether you are piloting a fighter jet or buzzing past an aid station at your half marathon, the goodr Mach Gs are a perfect pair of sunglasses.

The Mach Gs are a classic aviator style made to give you the speed if you feel the need. Plus, this smooth, sleek frame means no unsightly imprints on your nose from those weird nose pads on traditional metal aviator frames.

Of course, all goodr sunglasses are made from super-lightweight plastic with a no-slip grip so you can run, dance or lounge without your shades bouncing or slipping.

The polarized goodr Mach Gs sunglasses will block glare and protect your peepers from harmful UV rays—and they’ll give you a classic, cool style while you workout or work on getting a tan.

Tech Specs

Goodr Mach Gs Running Sunglasses


Scratch resistant, gradient tint, polarized, UV 400 protection


Yes (UV400 protection)

Frame width


Frame length


Lens width


Lens height


Size and Fit

These fit a standard or wider head.

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Based on 4 Verified Reviews

Best ever

Pam 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Love them. They are my second pair. I lost my first pair in airport.

Love these sunglasses

Stephanie 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I love these sunglasses for running. They are light and don’t slip down my nose while I’m out running. The color is flattering and the shape is stylish.

Super awesome

Josh H 2 years ago Verified Purchase

This style of glasses is just a little slipperier than other gooders but they’re work that it. The glasses are super light and feel amazing on the head not to mention they look awesome.

Best sunglasses

K.C. R 2 years ago Verified Purchase

I hated running with sunglasses on because they almost always would slide down my face or were too heavy. That is DEFINITELY not the case with these! I can jog in 90 plus degree heat with 98% humidity have sweat dripping off of me and these don’t budge even being that sweaty and getting on the ground and doing push ups…still there. They are SUPER light weight so I can wear them all day without my ears hurting or getting a headache from them squeezing my head. I love that they are polarized so my eyes are super protected. Now I won’t go for a jog without them and wear them for every day use outside of jogging too. My first pair of these got chewed up by my dog and I didn’t hesitate to immediately replace them. I love everything about these. If you’re on the fence about them get off it and get them!