goodr Circle Gs Glasses of the Gods Sunglasses

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Raspberry / Strawberry #1127896-RSRW-ABIW
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Run as fast as Hermes, the winged messenger of the gods, in the new goodr Circle G’s Glasses of the Gods Sunglasses. The round style will have you looking as smart as the goddess of wisdom herself.

Like all goodr sunglasses, the Circle G Glasses of the Gods Sunglasses are made from super-lightweight plastic with a no-slip grip so you can run, dance, lounge or rule mere mortals without your shades bouncing or slipping.

The goodr Circle G’s Glasses of the Gods sunglasses have polarized lenses to block glare and protect your peepers from harmful UV rays—and they’ll give you a cool style while you workout or hang out on Mount Olympus.

Tech Specs

Goodr Circle G Glasses of the Gods Sunglasses


Scratch resistant, gradient tint, polarized, UV 400 protection


Yes (UV400 protection)

Frame width


Frame length


Lens width


Lens height


Size and Fit

These fit a standard head. Need wider? Check out goodr’s BFG Glasses of the Gods shades.

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Star Rating is 5 / 5
Based on 1 Verified Reviews
Star Rating is 5 / 5

A Most Terrible Bane Against Helios!

Dandelion209 2 years ago Verified Purchase

Hera’s Awkward Family Reunion may be the worst but these glasses will have you looking your best!These are great for those hazy summer days where you need to day dimmer but not blacked out. The fit is superb: comfortable stays in pace and doesn’t squeeze your head into a headache. The colors match everything the print is crisp and looks great on your face or resting on your head. I love this style.