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Your favorite running sunglasses now come with blue light blocking lenses.

Whether you are sitting in front of your computer all day for work, studying in front of your computer for school, watching a bit too much television or are gaming until the wee hours of the morning, these glasses will block the blue lights that come from screens. Added bonus, they also come with UV400 protection from harmful UV rays should you venture outside.

Of course, all goodr glasses are made with super-lightweight plastic with a no-slip grip so they stay on during your “I just finished the big project” victory dance.

Tech Specs

Goodr BFG Blue Blocking Glasses


Scratch-resistant, UV400 blocking, blue mirage technology (blue light blocking)



Frame width


Frame length


Lens width


Lens height


Size and Fit

These fit a taller and wider head. Looking for a standard frame? Check out goodr’s OG Blue Blockers.

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