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Garmin Enduro - Steel with Gray UltraFit Nylon Strap



With a big battery and host of sensors, the new Garmin Enduro delivers the performance to match your own.

Garmin engineered the Enduro for endurance. Whether you’re on a months-long expedition or running an ultramarathon, the Enduro has a mode to match: Standard GPS mode gives you up to 70 hours of battery life (80 hours with solar charging), while Expedition GPS mode can run for 65 days (95 days with solar charging).

The Enduro’s 10 ATM water rating means the watch can withstand water pressure down to 100 meters, and wrist-based heart rate monitoring helps keep you in the right zone. A blood oxygen saturation sensor gives you an idea of how you’re acclimating to elevation, and sleep tracking provides key data to improve your recovery.

Like many Garmin watches, engineers also packed the Enduro with its reliable and accurate location tracking sensors. The Enduro connects to GPS, Galileo and GLONASS satellite systems to ensure you get the most important information—distance, pace and time.

When you’re training for a big race or setting out for a long trip, the Garmin Enduro has everything you need.

Tech specs

Garmin Enduro

Water rating

10 ATM (100 meters)

Battery life

GPS mode: 70 hours (80 hours with solar charging)



Smartphone compatibility

iPhone, Android

Smart notifications


Heart rate monitor



Designers loaded the Garmin Enduro with features. GPS tracking gives you distance, pace and time; the 10 ATM water rating handles any swim; and the wrist-based heart rate monitor ensures you train at the right effort.

Battery Life

A GPS watch is only useful if it tracks your entire workout—and the Enduro gives you that and then some. Garmin says standard GPS mode nets you up to 70 hours, while Expedition GPS mode stretches the battery up to 65 days (or 95 days with solar charging).

Sports Tracking

The Enduro is great for running, triathlon training and hiking. But Garmin enabled the Enduro to track gym workouts, golf outings and more.

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