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FlipBelt Run Light

 in style BLACK


When the sun goes down, the FlipBelt Run Light lets you see the way home.

Designers built the Run Light to attach to a FlipBelt running belt to keep your hands free during your run. Unlike a headlamp, the waist-mounted light won’t reflect directly back at your eyes in rain or fog, and its lower placement won’t shine in a passing runner’s eyes.

The 500 lumen Cree LED light is bright enough to illuminate the entire trail, and the USB rechargeable battery burns for up to 12 hours. FlipBelt housed the light in a sealed aluminum shell for an IPX6 waterproof rating, while three different light settings let you find the right light for your situation.

With its no-bounce performance and impressive output, the FlipBelt Run Light gives you the hands-free light you need to run after dark.


Drop resistant, IPX6 waterproof, 5.6 oz

Battery Life

Up to 12 hours depending on setting

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