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All Drymax trail socks are designed specifically for the trails, where blister-causing debris and water anbound. Drymax Lite Trail Run 1/4 Crew Socks offer all the anti-blister benefits of Drymax socks in a thinner version of the very popular Trail Sock. While thinner, the Lite Train Run's still provide adequate protection when spending hours out on the trail. To help prevent dirt from getting inside the thinner Lite Trail socks, Drymax did not include the vents found in their standard Trail Sock.

This 1/4-crew sock is designed so it be turned down to mini-crew height when debris and/or warmth is less of a concern.


  • Medium-thin sock with dense protective padding underfoot
  • Double welt to increase leg and foot protection
  • Shoe seal reduces debris entering shoe
  • Drymax's dual layer system offers superior moisture management and quick drying time
  • Anti-Blister System consists of seamlessly smooth interior and flat toe seams
  • 3D Advanced Fit with based specially developed 3D models for superior fit
  • Y-heel enhance fit and help prevent socks from slipping
  • Active Odor Control via MicroZap™ silver in Drymax fibers helps fight bacteria growth


  • 65% Drymax/Olefin, 20% polyester, 8% nylon, 7% elastane