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Diadora Gara Carbon



As fast as an Italian racing car, get ready to break your records on the road with the Diadora Gara Carbon.

Diadora enters the world of carbon-plated racing shoes, bringing the speed and sophistication that Italy is known for. They worked with Ducati Motors to develop a super efficient carbon plate, giving you maximum curve, the highest hill height and the highest toe spring possible. Combined with their new supercritical foam that has a ton of propulsion and rebound, you will be getting to the finish line in record speed.


  • Upper: A Matrix Mesh upper has carbon yarns to give you a super lightweight upper that really locks down the midfoot and lets the midsole do the work.
  • Midsole: The carbon plate was designed with Ducati Motors to give you the most efficient run possible. It is surrounded by Diadora’s ANIMA PBX cushioning that gives you a ton of rebound and propulsion, while reducing weight.

Note: this is a unisex-sized shoe. Men's sizes are shown — women should order 1.5 sizes below their standard running shoe size. For example: for a women's size 9.5 shoe, order a size 8.

Tech Specs

Diadora Gara Carbon


8.1 oz

Heel-to-toe drop

5 mm


Racing, carbon plated



Who It’s Best For

The Diadora Gara Carbon is a super lightweight racing shoe that is perfect for those looking to shave seconds or minutes off of their race times.

Why You’ll Love It

You will feel like you are getting into an Italian race car when you lace up the Diadora Gara Carbon.

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