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Currex SUPPORTSTP™ Insole - Low Profile

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Upgrade the support and comfort of your shoes with Currex SUPPORTSTP™ Insoles - Low Profile.

If you have a low or more flexible arch, then the low profile Currex SUPPORTSTP Insole is for you. These everyday insoles are the perfect complement to your shoes to improve the fit and support your arch.

They’re made with a low-profile heel cup that fits in most shoes to give you extra cushion and shock absorption for relief from pressure points and hot spots. Anatomic arch support with adaptive stability and just the right amount of flexibility moves with your foot to avoid fatigue so you can walk and move around all day long.

Take the next step towards happier, healthier feet with Currex SUPPORTSTP Insoles - Low Profile.

Have medium or high arches? Currex SUPPORTSTP Insoles also come in medium profile and high profile shapes.

If you need help figuring out which arch profile is right for you, visit a Fleet Feet location to be fitted with our 3D foot scanning technology.









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