Currex RunPro - High Profile

Star Rating is 4.8 / 5
18 Verified Reviews
Raspberry / Strawberry #1127896-RSRW-ABIW
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Improve the comfort and fit of your running shoes by adding Currex RunPro™ insoles.

If you have a higher or more rigid arch, then the Currex RunPro™ - High Profile insole is perfect for you.

These insoles are designed by top German sports scientists to optimize motion. Each product helps improve running efficiency and stability for greater confidence based on Currex’s patented Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT) and range of arch profiles.

The DAT engages the muscles of the foot using a flexible arch shape with just the right amount of rigidity, which gives the midfoot guidance on impact. When released, the insoles return stored energy to the foot. This lowers stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons, which may help reduce or avoid injury.

Combining the DAT with the correct arch profile helps to keep the foot in its optimal biomechanical position and reduce excessive foot motion within the shoe. If you need help figuring out which arch profile is right for you, visit a Fleet Feet location to be fitted with our 3D foot scanning technology.

Bring your comfort and performance to the next level with Currex RunPro insoles.

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Star Rating is 4.8 / 5
Based on 18 Verified Reviews
Star Rating is 5 / 5


Kristie 7 months ago Verified Purchase

Amazing! I bought my second pair they make a huge difference and I will be purchasing them in the future.

Star Rating is 5 / 5


Cowgirl 7 months ago Verified Purchase

My feet do hurt as bad I stand all day at work have to wear steel toe shoes

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Excellent for runners

M 7 months ago Verified Purchase

The most comfortable insoles I have tried for running/jogging

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Plantar fixed

Lyle 7 months ago Verified Purchase

Plantar problems gone. Left foot feels normal now.

Star Rating is 4 / 5

Good support

L. D 8 months ago Verified Purchase

Flexible insert with sturdy arch support for plantar faciitis issues

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Amazing insoles for high arches!

Anonymous 8 months ago Verified Purchase

Fantastic Insoles. These really help with my arches and reduce shin splints significantly. Paired with the Hoka Mach 5’s they are perfect for me.

Star Rating is 3 / 5

Tired feet

Kevin 8 months ago Verified Purchase

These were recommended because of my high arches and to help with pain related to plantar fasciitis. Haven’t really not much difference. I’m using them in Hoka Clifton 9 shoes.

Star Rating is 5 / 5

Currex runpro high profile inserts

Joanna G 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I love these inserts. I made a mistake last time in the store and got the low ones suggested by one of your employees and I did not like the low my feet hurt. I ordered the high profile and my foot aches went away.

Star Rating is 5 / 5


Gene S 1 year ago Verified Purchase


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