TheraPearl Contour Oval Hot/Cold Pack with Strap


TheraPearl - It's Ice. It's Heat. It's Smart Relief.Designed by a renowned doctor for patients in her practice to combat the inflammation of minor surgery, this unique product brings you the healing powers of HOT and COLD therapy. Cold... the analgesic powers of healing ice can be obtained by simply freezing the packs. Allow the healing properties of ice to reduce pain and swelling without drugs or messy alternatives. Hot... microwave your pack to help with aches and pains. The healing properties of heat increase blood flow to the area which helps relax muscles and promote healing. Using heat therapy prior to exercise also helps prevent injuries! This Contour Pack is perfect for relieving pain in the knees, ankles, elbows & more. Freeze for cold relief or microwave for hot therapy. Velcro straps keep it in place for use on the go!

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