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Brooks Hyperion Elite 4



[PLEASE NOTE: The Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 is a unisex-sized shoe. Men's sizes are shown; women should order 1.5 sizes below their standard running shoe size. For example: for a women's size 9.5 shoe, order a size 8.]

Unleash your speed in the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4.

Tailored for athletes who aim to excel from the 5k to marathons, these carbon-plated shoes are engineered to boost your performance on race day. Their ultra-lightweight cushioning is stacked high to absorb impact, reducing the strain on your feet and legs. But the real game-changer is the snappy carbon-fiber plate that actively propels you forward, seamlessly transforming your effort into speed.

Chasing down a new PR never felt so easy when you lace up the Hyperion Elite 4.


  • Upper: The new, snug-fitting upper is lightweight and breathable for a secure and distraction-free fit on race day.
  • Midsole: A SpeedVault Race+ Plate is sandwiched between nitrogen-infused DNA Flash v2 cushioning that effortlessly propels you forward. The durable foam’s improved response gives you a lightning-quick turnover, while fine-tuned layers of cushioning absorb impact to keep your legs feeling fresh even late in the race.
  • Outsole: A strategically placed rubber outsole gives you traction while minimizing weight to help you run confidently at top speeds.

Tech Specs

Brooks Hyperion Elite 4


8 mm


7.8 oz


Neutral, Carbon plated


Racing, Training


Road, Track

What’s New

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 comes upgraded with DNA Flash v2 foam that is lighter weight and more responsive than years past, while an improved upper increases breathability and gives you a snug, distraction-free fit. Combined, these updates deliver a smooth, ultralight ride to get you across the finish line in record time.

Who It’s Best For

The carbon-plated Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 is best for runners looking to shave minutes or seconds off their personal records. This super-fast shoe works best for racing, tempo runs or speedwork.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how fast you run in the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4. The shape of the shoe combined with the springy DNA Flash v2 foam and carbon plate translates your energy into exhilarating speed. Plus, the new upper is more comfortable than ever.

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