Brooks Winter Accessories

Brooks Carbonite Draft Hybrid Glove

 in style BLACK


Run through wind and weather with these Brooks Carbonite Draft Hybrid Gloves.

Half glove, half mitten, these are great for all types of weather. They have mesh inserts in the palms that provide ventilation when your hands need to breathe. When it is windy, wet, or cold, pull the over-mitt over the glove to keep the elements out and your hands warm.

The minimal seams reduce irritation and deliver smooth comfort. They also include magnets on the cuffs to keep the gloves together while in storage.

The fingertips on the gloves are phone-compatible, so there is no need for cold hands when you need to answer a phone call or text.


Machine washable, do not use fabric softeners. Wash darks separately. Wash separately before wearing.

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