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Body Glide For Her - 0.8 oz

 in style 0.8 oz


Chafing hurts. Instead of trying to soothe your skin after a run, Body Glide helps prevent the pain in the first place.

Body Glide for Her uses the same plant-based natural waxes as the original Body Glide formula but gets a boost from soothing coconut oil and vitamin-rich sweet almond oil to better moisturize and protect skin. A swipe of Body Glide for Her on problem areas — like on thighs on under a sports bra — protects your skin from chafing and blisters for as long as you can run.

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Based on 2 Verified Reviews

The best product

Kristen 4 years ago Verified Purchase

I love Body Glide for her. Makes my long runs more comfortable. I don't run without using this product.

It works

Roxanne 5 years ago Verified Purchase

I love body glide and have been using it for a few years now. This small size is easy to pack for a long run.