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Black Diamond Spot Lite 200


Big light, small package. The Black Diamond Spot Lite 200 is compact and powerful for any adventure.

Engineers built the Spot Lite 200 to be easy to stash in your pocket, pack or glove compartment but still flood the trail with light when you need it. The 200-lumen max output lets you see what’s ahead when you’re moving fast, while dimming, strobe and red light settings give you more options for when you’re walking around camp.

The housing comes with an IPX8 water rating to keep the headlamp shining through the rain, and the lightweight construction won’t bounce around on your head.

Powered by two AAA batteries that can run for up to 1.5 hours on the max setting and up to 60 hours on the lowest, the Black Diamond Spot Lite 200 is the perfect training partner in low-light situations.

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