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Black Diamond Revolt 350 Headlamp


Out of batteries? No problem. The Black Diamond Revolt 350 Headlamp sports a rechargeable lithium ion battery to keep you going.

Black Diamond powered the Revolt 350 with its rechargeable BD 1800 Battery. The headlamp plugs in to charge or can run on three AAA batteries if you’re not near an outlet.

At maximum output, the Revolt 350 delivers 350 lumens of light for up to four hours to show you the way forward. You can squeeze up to 200 hours of light from the headlamp on its lowest setting.

The Revolt’s IPX4 rating means it can hang in the rain, sleet or snow, while the LED power meter lets you see how much light you have left before you need to recharge.

With dimming, strobe and red-light modes to give you the right light for the right situation, the Black Diamond Revolt 350 Headlamp will get you through the night.

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