Running Socks Balega

Balega Hidden Contour Recycled


Constructed with yarns made from recycled plastic, the Balega Hidden Contour Recycled socks will keep your feet—and the planet—happy.

After getting a good pair of running shoes, wearing high-quality socks is extremely important for comfort and blister prevention. The Balega Hidden Contour socks give you ultimate protection and impact resistance thanks to their plush cushion and contoured fit.

Sweaty feet won’t be a problem in these socks, either—Balega’s proprietary recycled Drynamix technology quickly wicks moisture away to keep your feet cool and dry during any activity.

Blisters, slippage and unwanted rubbing can quickly ruin a good run or race. That’s why these running socks have a hand-linked seamless toe and an extra deep heel pocket for a glove-like fit.

Proudly made in the USA, Balega Hidden Contour Recycled socks are unmatched in fit, feel and performance.


Sock Size

US Men

US Women

European Men & Women


4.5 – 6.5

6 – 8

36 – 39.5


7 – 9

8.5 – 10.5

40 – 42.5


9.5 – 11.5

11 – 13

43 – 45.5

Extra Large

12 – 14

13.5 – 15.5

46 – 48.5

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