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Balega Enduro Quarter

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Balega's Enduro Quarter socks hug the curves of your foot for a snug fit and lasting comfort while proprietary Drynamix moisture-wicking fibers keep you dry

Unisex (Men's Sizes Shown)
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The Balega Enduro Quarter socks will keep your feet happy run after run. These socks mold to the contours of your feet, locking in the heel and midfoot thanks to the signature V-Tech Arch Support System, while still allowing you to wiggle your toes. The deep heel pocket, high heel tab and seamless toe prevent the socks from slipping in your shoes and mitigate blisters.

The quarter-length cut of these socks is long enough to cover the gap between the bottom of your tights and socks—sealing out the cold winds that bite at your ankles. If you are running somewhere that is dusty or dirty, then the quarter length shields you from dirt, too.

Your feet will stay cool and dry thanks to Balega proprietary Drynamix® moisture wicking fibers. Plus, the specifically constructed, reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels will make sure you do not have sweaty feet.

Keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable in a pair of Balega Quarter Enduro No Show Socks.

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Sock Size

US Men

US Women

European Men & Women


4.5 – 6.5

6 – 8

36 – 39.5


7 – 9

8.5 – 10.5

40 – 42.5


9.5 – 11.5

11 – 13

43 – 45.5

Extra Large

12 – 14

13.5 – 15.5

46 – 48.5

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Based on 11 Verified Reviews

Great winter socks

Valerie B 1 year ago Verified Purchase

I bought these socks a couple years ago to try for winter with the higher height around the ankle. I also like that they are a little thicker than what I normally wear the rest of the year. I like them so well I got two more pair just recently. And they protect my feet from the cold and blistering. They have also held up really well.

Balega Enduro Quarter

Jonathan B 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Very comfortable not too constricting.

Balega Enduro Quarter

Brendan M 1 year ago Verified Purchase

Super comfy socks! I love wearing them for runs or for normal activities I would definitely recommend them.


Barbara 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Comfy socks. Keep feet cool.


Pierre 3 years ago Verified Purchase

I love those balega socks. I was very glad to see that Fleet Feet carries a wide selection. Ordering delivery went well.

Super service

Monica R 3 years ago Verified Purchase

My husband had three pairs of Balega Enduro Quarter socks and loved them. They are comfortable and just don't wear out even after hours-long pickleball sessions. I ordered another 10 pairs online and was amazed when they were delivered the next day. Wonderful service.

Good running socks. Not too

Trent 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Good running socks. Not too thick but super thin either.

Enduro Quarter Socks

Topsy T 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Feel so great and comfortable. Will order again.

Balega Enduro Quarter Socks

Patricia 4 years ago Verified Purchase

great pair of socks. They always fit perfectly!

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