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Amphipod Versa-Light Max Headlamp™

 in style CHARCOAL / VIZ


See and be seen with the Amphipod Versa-Light Max Headlamp.

Perfect for those evening strolls, this headlamp has a removable Versa-Light™ that has six LED modes. The light can be used as a headlamp, or clipped anywhere (chest, shirt, on a vest, etc.) to help light the way with up to 160 lumens of light.

The soft, adjustable headband and light combo weighs less than 2 ounces, making you forget that it is even there. The light is rechargeable and includes a micro USB charging cable. Plus, a moisture resistant case allows you to run in the rain. The light will run for 1.5 hours on solid light and 4.5-9 hours on the other modes.

Light the way with the versatile Amphipod Versa-Light Max Headlamp.

Tech Specs

Amphipod Versa-Light Max Headlamp™

Max Lumens



  • Solid White (160L)
  • Solid White (80L)
  • Strobe White
  • Strobe Red
  • Solid Red


USB rechargeable battery

Battery Life

1.5-9 Hours

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