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Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus™

The Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus fit securely around your waist and carries more than 20oz of water so you don't have to think about how to hydrate on the run



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Xtech™ utility and access, with optimized fluid capacity for longer runs - fits iPhone 6 Plus and nutrition!
• Bottles: Two BPA-Free 10.5oz. SnapFlask Xtech™ Modules with Jett-Squeeze™ caps
• Pocket: Includes Endurance Plus™ Pouch (6.5"x3.5"), can be positioned anywhere for optimal access
• Durable microfiber construction
• Four easy-access outer gel slots for nutrition
• Dual internal compartments with cushioned divider
• Zippered security
• Position pocket and bottles anywhere on the belt
• Holds: Extra large phones, nutrition, keys and more!

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5 out of 5 stars.

5/5 on 1 total reviews

Brooke Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Great Running Belt!

This is my third belt purchase in about 6 years, and this is my favorite one yet! So easy to get the water bottle off WHILE RUNNING and putting it back on! Can move the water bottle and pack around for easy access. It did take a minute to get the right size for my hips, but once I did, I was set! Highly recommend!!

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