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Amphipod PureRun® Ultralight™ Hydration Vest with 600mL Reservoir

 in style GRAPHITE


Look ma, no hands. Carry your hydration and gear hands-free with the Amphipod PureRun Ultralight Hydration Vest.

Amphipod made sure that this vest has everything you need for your run. The vest itself is light, yet durable and uses a honeycomb mesh construction that is breathable so you don’t get a sweaty back. It is also easy to adjust, so your pack will not bounce during your run.

To keep you hydrated, there is a 600mL Soft-Tech Reservoir with a custom 18” drink tube that fits in an expandable reservoir internal pocket in the back. There is also a zippered pocket in the back that has room for a jacket, nutrition and more.

The front of the vest features a magnetic hydration tube clip that can be moved to make sure that the tube stays in place and doesn’t bounce while you run. There are two zippered expandable mesh pockets for securing essentials such as an inhaler, nutrition or other things you may need on the run.

Go on an all-day adventure with Amphipod PureRun Ultralight Hydration Vest with 600 mL Reservoir.

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