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Amphipod Profile-Lite High Five-K™ Pack

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Keep everything you need on your run in one place with the Amphipod Profile-Lite High Five-K Pack.

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Keep everything you need on your run in one place with the Amphipod Profile-Lite High Five-K Pack.

This running belt has a low-profile 16oz Hydraform™ Bottle that slips right into an insulated sloped-sleeve on the belt so you can easily access your water while running or walking. The insulated sleeve keeps your water and ice from melting when the weather or your body temperature heats up. Plus, the BPA-free bottle has a Jett-Squeeze cap for quick-shot hydration that’s leak-free and top-rack dishwasher safe.

A sweat and weather-resistant main compartment expands to fit most phones as well as your favorite nutrition and other running essentials. There is also a cool and vented AirFlow™ Mesh back panel that eliminates hot spots. Plus, the full-adjustable waist belt makes sure that there is minimal bounce.

Bring along all of your goodies on your run with the Amphipod Profile-Lite High Five-K Pack.

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Based on 2 Verified Reviews

Great belt but not one size fits all (or small)

ladiesdoc 9 months ago Verified Purchase

I agree with other reviewer the straps are difficult to adjust but the tradeoff is you don't have strap ends flapping around when you are running. Definitely need to adjust them when you're not in a hurry. I don't like having it around my natural waist and I clip it to my shorts/tights to prevent it from bouncing. Actually I can't make it any smaller without cutting a strap which would leave a frayed edge.This is my favorite hydration belt. Being a small female the lumbar pack is preferable to anything with side bottles because when you get those adjusted the bottles are right on your side and interfere with arm movement. The pocket is adequate for my phone gels extra hydration mix and some wipes. After a year of heavy use the left pocket side seam has split/frayed.


runnerg21 10 months ago Verified Purchase

This is the worst belt I’ve ever come across. The straps are nearly impossible to tighten or loosen and it’a super frustrating. I was not allowed to return this either due to their hydration products rule (understandable) but now I am extremely upset I wasted money on a poorly designed running belt. You’re better off going to Amazon. I don’t know why Fleet Feet carrie’s this.