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Amphipod FreeForm Trail Pack & Handheld Duo

 in style BLUE SPRUCE


The FreeForm Trail Pack is the newest addition to the Amphipod Profile-Lite series. This revolutionary

new high performance pack includes the new 17oz FreeForm Handheld as well as ample storage for

anything that you might need or want to carry. The pack has Amphipod’s stay-put bounce-free Grypton

Belt and a low profile quick-release buckle. One large expandable ripstop zipper pocket with a divider

and a secondary outer zipper pocket. This incredible waist pack is designed to hold the largest of phones

and much, much more.

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Based on 3 Verified Reviews

Water bottle is horrible the rest is great!

Jonathan 3 years ago Verified Purchase

The water bottle is a complete waste. I love the rest of the product though. Very well made and comfortable. I think that's why I am surprised the water bottle itself is so bad.

Water bottle leaves something to be desired

Sue 3 years ago Verified Purchase

I like the size and fit of the fanny lack but the function of the bottle's drinking device falls short. It leaks or sprays all over. I've tried multiple ways to keep the lid tight but there is something with the pull up nozzle that causes it to spray all over as the water level decreases. And the hand carrier fitting around the lid area makes it challenging to tighten enough to often keep it from leaking.

Great Quality Design

Larry 3 years ago Verified Purchase

Extremely high quality compared to similar products and very well designed.