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Addaday Pro Roller

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The Addaday Pro Roller is the Swiss Army knife of massage sticks for runners.

Addaday studded the Pro Roller with five massaging gears to work out your stiffest muscles and tightest knots. Sandwiched between two handlebar grips, the gears use three different densities to tend to your massaging needs:

  • Soft blue rollers are designed for kneading and can help with scar tissue
  • Medium gray rollers help flush lactic acid from muscles and reduce fatigue
  • A firm red gear helps pinpoint shin splints, Achilles pain and other hard-to-reach areas

No matter your need, the Pro Roller makes quick work of your massage so you can spend more time running.

Can’t reach your back? Check out the rope-like Addaday Boomerang Massager.


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