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The Addaday BioZoom is designed to relieve muscle pain and soreness from the comfort of wherever you are.

Addaday engineered the BioZoom to be a cordless vibration and percussion massage device that you can use on your own for myofascial release. With five interchangeable heads and five different power levels, you can find the right combination to work out any knot on your body.

When used correctly, the BioZoom can decrease muscle soreness and pain, increase blood flow and circulation, accelerate your warm up and boost your recovery.

The 2.6-pound BioZoom is compact so it's easy to store out of sight, and it's quiet enough that you can massage while you watch TV. The battery life will last two hours on a full charge.

Addaday created the BioZoom with DC, MD DPT and professional athletes.

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5 out of 5 stars.

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Catherine Verified Buyer
5 out of 5 stars.
Great home massage

I bought this for my husband birthday due to all the running he does. He was super excited about receiving this and used it right away. After seeing him use it so many times he gets a great massage from it. The battery seems to last once it's fully charged. It provides great power and the multiple massage heads gives a good variety of areas to target. The only down side is it's a little heavy to hold when massaging yourself or others.

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