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2Toms® SportShield® XTRA

 in style 1.5 OZ


Make chafing and blisters a thing of the past with 2Toms SportShield XTRA.

One of the best blister and chafing prevention products for runners, SportShield XTRA is a liquid roll-on that creates a thin, invisible coating on top of the skin. This coating eliminates or greatly minimizes the friction that causes blisters, chafing and irritation. It can be used on any part of the body where the skin is subjected to chafing by clothing or equipment pressure points.

Compared to 2Toms SportShield, SportShield XTRA contains shea butter and added natural antimicrobial ingredients to help protect and soothe sensitive skin. It combines chafing protection with comfort by using a silky-smooth, waterproof formula that lasts whether you are running a half marathon or competing in a triathlon.

SportShield XTRA performs under the most grueling conditions and doesn’t rub off. It’s silicone based, doesn’t stain, isn’t greasy and can be used daily. It also does not contain any animal products.

Enjoy your runs and post-run showers by applying 2Toms SportShield XTRA before your workout.

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